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AnnasWish Don't forget, it's easy to support Anna's Wish if you are shopping on Amazon! Click here, you get the same great... http://t.co/7Gg4Hi1s29
AnnasWish A big thank you to Reed Eye Associates for their wonderful fundraiser! Grab some new eyewear and support Anna's... http://t.co/qYdeMfeAlD
AnnasWish Prepping for the holiday season begins today! A lot to do this year!! Thank goodness for a little helper! http://t.co/xWH1oRnnMb

Amazon & Anna’s Wish

Want a quick and easy way to donate to Anna's Wish this holiday season? Amazon.com will donate 0.5% of sales directly to Anna's Wish!!!! You simply have to select Anna's Wish one time, then every time you buy something at Amazon and start at SMILE, we will get the donation!

What's even better is that you still get all of Amazon's deals and sales by doing this!!!!!!!! Check this out for more information and spread the word!
Anna's Wish