The End…and The Beginning

The End…and The Beginning

Anna’s passing today is without a doubt, the worst experience I’ve ever gone through. I love her with all of my heart and will never be able to replace the piece that is now missing. However, today also begins the new chapter…Anna’s legacy. Please help support this organization so the values and lessons Anna taught will live forever.


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  1. Jessie and Jeff,

    I am so touched by all that you have endured since Anna started her fight against cancer. I am now totally amazed at how you have now started this organization. While this is a terrible day for you, this is also wonderful thing that you are doing in Anna’s honor. She is now a beautiful little angel. Anna will continue to live on in spirit.

  2. Jeff and Jessie ~
    Anna has been such an inspiration to me (and so many others) for so many reasons. This is such a beautiful way to honor her!

  3. Jeff & Jessie,
    The tears just do not stop. What you have done here with this website is such an amazing tribute to your beautiful Anna, she is so lucky to have you. She will NEVER be forgotten, and this is just one more way that her legacy will continue. You are amazing parents.
    Sandy Lewis
    Dylan’s Mom from St.Judes

  4. Jessie and Jeff,
    How you were able to do this so quickly is beyond me! You continue to amaze me by your strength. This is a fantastic idea, and although I never met Anna, I can imagine this is exactly what she would have wanted.

  5. Thank you for creating this lecacy and fulfilling the wish of your daughter Anna. It is quite moving. R~

  6. Jeff and Jessie,
    although I did not get a chance to know your daughter personally, through working in Greece Schools, I feel as though everyone knows/knew the special place Anna holds in this world. May your love and strength for each other keep you strong in the coming days. My prayers and condolences are with you all. I plan on donating to her legacy and any help I can give to either of you, just let me know. RIP Anna with all other beautiful angels

    Shane Ricci

  7. Jeff and Jessie,

    I am in complete awe of all you have already done with Anna’s Wish in just a few short days! To see that there are already over a thousand Facebook fans of Anna’s Wish, and to see how developed this website already is — what an incredible testament to your devotion to Anna and your amazing strength! Anna must be beaming in heaven as she is watching her loving parents make a difference in this world in her name.

  8. I am so deeply sorry to hear about this lost. I just found out through Stacey Pikes Face book. She was my daughter’s (Stephanie Oliva)coach. I to lost my daughter but in a car accident at the age of 18. Our child can never be replaced and their is nothing else in this world worse then losing your baby. My heart and prayers are with you and my heart cries with yours. I understand all the feelings of this lost. I know your pain and I walk beside you. What you are doing in her name is a wonderful thing to do.Please take care of your self and your family members. The strength and energy can be short. My prayers are with you.

  9. What you are doing for your Anna is such a wonderful thing and she is a proud daughter to have you as her parents. We need to do do things to keep us busy. I know! If you ever need a friend please send me a note to get in touch. I want to say to you.
    Let me come in where you are weeping and let me take your hand.
    I, who knows such a sorrow such as yours,I Can understand.
    Let me come in–I will be very still beside you in your grief.
    I would not bid you, cease your weeping.Tears bring relief as I still have tears each day.. Let me come in and hold your hand. For I know your sorrow and understand.

    Our life’s has changed for ever, we can never go back or change it. I have said so many time, I wish I can change the clock and go back. But we know we can’t. We live in a different world now. We can’t feel the way we use to feel. But we have to pick our selves up each and every day to move on and that means we need strength. So make sure you use some of that strength for your selves and family to stay strong and together. It will be the hardest thing you will ever achieve in this life time and it never ends. I send you all my strength and blessing with the prayers to keep you lifted to keep moving.

  10. I offer my sincerest sympathy to you and your wife, Jeff. Losing a child is perhaps the greatest source of sorrow a parent could experience. In her innocent life, Anna brought you so much joy and I hope that this is what will give you strength as you grieve your loss.

    Maura Eagle

  11. im so sorry to here about anna. i couldnt imagine loosing someone i love. i will keep your family in our thoughts and prayers. i also know the mezzapretie family and they said they will miss anna too. i hope the find a cure for that terrible lukemia that anna had before another young childs life is lost

  12. I can’t imagine the pain that you feel right now, but I admire greatly the strength and determination you have displayed. I bookmarked Anna’s website and read the journal entries, and my heart melted at the pictures and words shared. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family, and every time the sun shines, or a flower sways in the wind, just know that it’s you little Anna letting you know that she’s okay. I am sure that Anna could not have imagined a sweeter goodbye, and she will live on in many hearts, and through prayers. As you lay the baby down, know that you have a world of support to turn to, and you gave it one hell of a shot. I’ve never seen anyone fight so hard, you inspire me to live my life to the fullest and be grateful for everything that I have. Thank you so much for teaching me the greatest lesson I have ever learned. God needed his sunshine back, but Anna will live forever in all of our hearts.

  13. Jeff & Jessie,

    Barbara and I are so proud of the two of you and the strength you have shown throughout the entire ordeal. Surely Anna is in a better place and the fond memories you and the people she has met have will never fade. One end starts another beginning for you and little Molly who will need all the love and compassion you both can give for years to come. Know too, that Anna’s story has touched people you will never meet, but who have held your Anna in their hearts and prayers throughout the past months. As she was special in all ways to you, she was special to all of us in her own way as well.

    God Bless!

  14. My prayers are with you and your family. I remember those days well after the loss of our son. He battled Neuroblastoma for 5 years. You will only find out how many lives your daughter touched years down the road. What a great thing you are doing in establishing this ongoing legacy in memorial to your daughter. May the Lord bind up your wounds and bring healing and peace to you.

  15. im so sorry about the loss of your daughters myself am struggling with non life threating diseases that can and will go away and your daughter battled cancer so well and it inspired me and told me that she accomplished her health problem but ended up keep coming back. it made me think that i could be in a worse situation and you and your whole family including anna has inspired me and know that i will get better. im so sorry about anndi hope the rest of your lear will be better.

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