Hello! As we embark on another year of fundraising, I will be utilizing the website to keep  people informed of events and opportunities to volunteer.

In addition, I am looking to purchase apparel for the Anna’s Wish staff, so if anyone knows someone that would be willing to donate or offer a discount on clothing and embroidery, please pass the information along to me. It would be greatly appreciated.

I would also like to thank JanMarie Gallagher for all of her work and assistance with creating the Anna’s Wish, Inc logo. Emily Connell designed the idea for the logo when Anna passed away and we were brainstorming ideas. We absolutely love it and cannot thank both of them enough. JanMarie’s company is Visu-ation Graphic Design and her email is VSMGLLC@rochester.rr.com

In addition, please stay tuned for dramatic website changes.  The site will have a new look and feel in the next few days and should integrate more available features.  Thank you for your interest in Anna’s Wish.


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