First Annual 5K Race/Walk

First Annual 5K Race/Walk

Check this out, we are holding our first annual Race/Walk for Anna’s Wish! Click on the 5K link for all of the details, all ages welcome whether you are a competitive runner, or just want to walk the route in one of Anna’s favorite places. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

5K Information


8 thoughts on “First Annual 5K Race/Walk

  1. How old does a child need to be to participate in the 2.5K walk/ is there an age requirement? Thanks in advance!


  2. Hi Amanda, thanks for the question. There is NO age limit on either the 5K Race or the 2.5K Walk, anyone can participate! Hope to see you there…

  3. Hi! I am already registered and can’t wait to run this (I love a good non-road race!) but I was wondering if you considered advertising on the GRTC Race Calendar online? (Greater Rochester Track Club) I’m pretty sure it’s free, and that’s where I search and find almost all of the races I run, which I do at least one per month if not more. Just a thought!

  4. Hi Shana! Thank you for the suggestion. I have just emailed GRTC and hopefully they will help me get on their calendar. I appreciate the help!!!!

  5. What a wonderful way to start Father’s Day- great race, looking forward to running it next year!

  6. Hi Meg…. I could not agree more!!!! I truly appreciate everyone spending their morning with us, it was just so wonderful to see all of the support and love… I am already looking forward to next year and making it even better! Thank you!

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